Did you know that SHEIN, Vinted, and Next were among the most visited fashion brands in June 2023?

Watch the video below to spot the full top ten rankings. Did you guess the top 5?

Here’s what we found, and why it matters:

  1. E-commerce giants like Shein and Boohoo are leading, testifying to the power of quick trend turnover in the digital age. 
  2. The rise of resale platform Vinted signals a shift towards more sustainable choices in fashion. 
  3. High-street brands like Next and NewLook’s strong digital footprint shows their successful transition to the online world. 
  4. SportsDirect’s rank attests to the surge of sportswear in fashion, driven by the athleisure trend. 
  5. The significant gap in users between top and bottom rankings reflects the cutthroat competition in the digital fashion market.

Watch the full rankings here: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/ipsos-uk_ipsos-iris-june-audience-ranking-fashion-activity-7092847014589149184-YAgS

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