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Based in the UK, the Ipsos iris team consists of over 60 people made up of researchers, data scientists, developers, and our commercial team.

James Oates Headshot

James Oates

Head of Ipsos iris

James is the Head of Ipsos iris and is responsible for ensuring the overall delivery of Ipsos iris against the agreed UKOM specification. James joined the Ipsos team in February 2022 and brings over 20 years of experience working with continuous panel-based approaches, having worked previously at Nielsen media leading the Nielsen UK team and at Nielsen IQ leading panel, analytics and client service teams.

James Torr

James Torr

Head of Commercial

James has overall responsibility for taking Ipsos iris to market, embedding it across the industry and making Ipsos iris famous as the industry tool for understanding online behaviour. James has over 15 years of experience working with media owners, agencies and advertisers on syndicated research. He’s ideally placed to help you identify the impact Ipsos iris can make on you and your business, allowing you to act smarter and make better decisions.

Joud Nawar Headshot

Joud Nawar

Head of Online Audience Measurement UK

Joud leads the Online Audience Measurement section of Ipsos iris, working with multiple different stakeholders in order to deliver project specifications. Joud leverages his 14 years of marketing research experience, with strong expertise in managing offline and digital media audience measurement project development based on industry requirements.

Pero Desovic Headshot

Pero Desovic

Data Product Director

Pero leads the data science team for the Ipsos iris project. His remit involves production of daily and monthly data and new data developments. He works closely with data providers, reporting, and commercial teams to maintain seamless production of data while tailoring the development of new solutions to be market ready. Pero has nearly a decade of experience in the research industry, with a primary focus on digital media measurement and product development.

Amanda Woodley Headshot

Amanda Woodley

Head of Clients

Amanda has over 15 years of experience in the media and measurement industry across the UK and Australia. Her expertise lies in understanding and utilising audience measurement tools like Ipsos iris and custom research methodologies to solve business challenges and drive growth. A seasoned professional, Amanda is adept at using measurement tools to drive growth for clients, deeply understand their business, and ensure they are set up for success.

Tracy Allnutt Headshot

Tracy Allnutt

Business Development Director

With 25+ years’ experience in global research agencies, Tracy builds strong relationships with clients at all levels of their business. Experienced with global and UK clients from agencies, media owners and brands including Google, Apple, Warner Media, ITV, Sky, Motorola, she has experience working with survey, panel and digital data. Tracy is passionate about introducing new clients to Ipsos iris, making insight actionable, and helping clients to answer business critical questions and deliver their KPIs.

Aled Corps Headshot

Aled Corps

Research Director

Aled joined Ipsos in 2006 and has since gained extensive experience in the media research industry. For over 10 years he played a significant role in the Barb TV establishment survey and panel recruitment. Over the past 3 years, Aled has taken on the responsibility of building and maintaining the panel of 10,000 members that underpins the high-quality insights and data delivered by Ipsos iris.

Karina Henry Headshot

Karina Henry

Project Manager Director

Karina has worked within market research for the past 17 years across various industries and methodologies. Prior to joining Ipsos, Karina worked with the likes of Nielsen, Kantar and Dynata, becoming a qualified Prince2 Practitioner and earning her certification in Agile PM. She joined Ipsos iris in 2019 and has been working closely with all teams involved to ensure set up and release were successful, as well as continuing to deliver each month.

Oliver Thomas Headshot

Oliver Thomas

Marketing Lead

Oliver is a results oriented marketing professional, with a single goal: making the complex, simple. Having previously worked in vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems and emerging technology hubs, he now brings his marketing expertise to Ipsos iris. Oliver drives market awareness and brand penetration for Ipsos iris, across the syndicated, UKOM endorsed solution as well as for a range of bespoke and custom projects.

Matt Patchett Headshot

Matt Patchett

Insights Lead

Matt Patchett is the Insight Lead for Ipsos iris and is responsible for turning our data into compelling stories, improving our insight capabilities, and embedding best practice across the iris team. Matt has almost 10 years’ experience working across research and analytics: whether he’s writing code or white papers, Matt specialises in turning data into insight and action.

Ana Klafke Headshot

Ana Klafke

Associate Director

Ana is responsible for supporting media owners to get the best value of Ipsos iris data, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimise their digital strategies. Ana takes lead in the QA process within the commercial team, collaborating closely with development team to identify client priorities and drive the development of Ipsos iris roadmap. She brings a solid background in media strategy and syndicated research, having successfully worked with businesses across diverse sectors.

Simone King Headshot

Simone King

Associate Client Director

Simone King boasts of an impressive career spanning a decade in market research. Over the last two years, she has been dedicated to Ipsos iris, and is currently responsible for providing media owners with the requisite support they need to leverage Ipsos iris data and insights to make informed decisions, grow their audience and ultimately their businesses. Thanks to her broad knowledge of audience insights, Simone’s clients can rely on her to guide them in shaping their content strategy.

Ben Wilson Headshot

Ben Wilson

Client Manager

Ben Wilson is a Client Manager who joined Ipsos at the beginning of the Ipsos iris project. Ben is currently responsible for driving usage at agencies and building key relationships across their many teams. Ben also works across media owners, publishers and industry bodies to highlight how Ipsos iris can deliver meaningful value to their organisations.

Holly Barnes Headshot

Holly Barnes

Senior Client Executive

Holly Barnes is a Senior Client Executive in the Ipsos iris Commercial team. She maintains and builds key strategic relationships with Ipsos iris clients. Since joining the team, she has used her understanding of clients’ business objectives to create tailored insights and provide quality recommendations on partnership and growth opportunities.

Neelima Shyam Kumar Headshot

Neelima Shyam Kumar

Client Executive

As a Client Executive, Neelima plays a crucial role in building and maintaining strong partnerships with our valued clients. Neelima joined the Ipsos iris team to explore her passion for media and understanding human behaviour. Her primary responsibility is to understand client’s business objectives and provide them with meaningful recommendations based on Ipsos iris data.

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