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Based in the UK, the Ipsos iris team consists of 30 people made up of researchers and data scientists responsible for delivering the solution, and a commercial team taking Ipsos iris to market, embedding usage, and making it famous.

Neil Farrer

Head of Audience Measurement UK

Neil will have overall management responsibility on behalf of Ipsos and will attend all relevant client meetings. He will ensure successful delivery, linking together all internal Ipsos project teams. Neil has more than 30 years’ experience in market research, most of it gained within the media team at Ipsos. He has been the UK Head of Audience Measurement since 2015.

James Torr

Senior Client Director

James has overall responsibility for taking Ipsos iris to market, embedding it across the industry and making Ipsos iris famous as the industry tool for understanding online behaviour. James has over 15 years of experience working with media owners, agencies and advertisers on syndicated research. He’s ideally placed to help you identify the impact Ipsos iris can make on you and your business, allowing you to act smarter and make better decisions.

Joud Nawar

Head of Online Audience Measurement UK

Joud will be leading the project. He will be working with different stakeholders in order to deliver project specs. Fourteen year of marketing research with strong expertise in managing offline and digital media audience measurement projects. Also, part of Joud’s role is to ensure product development based on industry requirements.

Tasneem Ali

Client Director

Tasneem will work alongside James Torr to take Ipsos iris to market, manage business development, and be responsible for client servicing. Tasneem has 15 years of experience in custom, media, and digital research, working with advertisers and agencies across industries. She will help you understand the deep impact Ipsos iris’s data will make on your business, and how you can succeed more in this complex digital advertising space by using Ipsos iris data effectively.

Sean Regan

Global CTO, Audience Measurement

Sean is part of our Global Audience Measurement team. His remit covers all the technologies used for audience measurement. He will be actively involved in the development of Ipsos iris’ site-centric data collection and reporting platform, working closely with external suppliers and internal development, data science and commercial teams. Sean has over 30 years’ experience within the technology and operations area within multiple Market Research sectors.

Mario Paic

Global Head of Data Science

Mario is part of our Global Audience Measurement team. His remit includes heading up our global Data Science capability and leading on the expansion of our Online Measurement offer to other Ipsos markets outside of the UK. He will be actively supporting the UK team on various technical and methodological developments across data science, site-centric measurement, and reporting. Mario’s role also includes assuring that latest advancements and best practice methodologies in the area of cross-media measurement are continuously added to our portfolio and implemented in local deployments such as Ipsos iris.

Ana Klafke

Client Services Manager

Ana works alongside Tasneem as a part of the commercial team and focuses on account servicing and client training on Ipsos iris. Ana has several years of experience in media and market research and has worked with agencies, advertisers and media owners from different market sectors. She will help you get the best value of the Ipsos iris data and develop insights for smarter decision making across your business.

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