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Utilise the UK’s online audience measurement solution for custom or bespoke projects

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As our digital platforms evolves at pace, it’s important to be able to capture the full reach and impact of advertising in a single, simplified view. Collaborating and innovating with UKOM and Ipsos [iris] for trusted industry measurement, means advertisers can now see the full impact of our market leading proposition helping them make better, more informed decisions.”

Graeme Hutcheson

Director of Digital Advertising, Sky Media

Ipsos iris: Footprints

Utilise a rich source of passive behavioural clickstream data from a high quality panel to uncover consumer insights into the online ecosystem.
Brings to life key targets’ online behaviours by surfacing how, & when they move, click- by-click through the digital ecosystem to make decisions and purchases. Understand second by second customer interactions with your brands, your partners and your competitors
Gain insight into your consumers and how they behave online:
  • Map digital touch points to understand stages of the journey, from initial awareness to post-purchase activities
  • Outline where your competitors are in the digital landscape and how they impact consumers on their discovery and purchase journey
  • Explore the role of search and the interests or topics that contribute to their online decisions

Ipsos iris: Optics

Run analysis on personalised audiences to inform your media and planning strategies with Ipsos iris Optics.
This recontact solution allows you to integrate bespoke questions within Ipsos iris.
From identifying new audiences to deep diving on key topics; Optics provides you with greater insights to determine how people are behaving, unlocking more impactful business decisions.
Every quarter we recontact 2,000 Ipsos iris panellists, from a nationally representative sample, returning insights you can trust.
All your responses are integrated into the UI and analysable against all 317 categories, 7,000 sites and 1,500 apps.
Assess across audience, time spent, page views and video metrics.

Ipsos iris: Partnership Impact

Determine impact on key custom audiences by measuring the shift of engagement following content or editorial partnerships.

Ensure content or editorial partnerships are delivering against the client’s KPIs, objectives and promote your unique audience reach and expertise.

Define your list of URLs that cover the content or editorial partnership, within a total site or on a designated section of the site.

Group your chosen URLs to build a custom target.

The custom target can then be utilised to understand audience engagement and behaviours over the partnership period.


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