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Utilise the UK’s only online audience measurement solution, endorsed by UKOM for robust and transparent measurement

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Ipsos iris utilises a rigorous and industry recognised establishment survey, 10,000-strong high-quality single-source panel and site-centric solutions. All this is brought together to deliver you a richer understanding of audience behaviour on a daily and monthly basis.




As mobile is increasingly people’s first choice to browse, life isn’t just lived on one device. That’s why Ipsos iris is mobile-first, multi-device, and cross-media capable, to give you the bigger picture of online audience behaviour and ultimately make more informed decisions.


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Our team has over 50 experts who will help you embed Ipsos iris throughout your organisation and explore how you can make the most out of the data and insights, through flexible, intuitive and simple deliverables.

What we do

The media landscape is becoming more complex and is producing more data than ever. This raises questions around objectivity and transparency, and it can be challenging to better navigate this world to ensure you make the right decisions for our clients and businesses.

Ipsos iris, the UK’s only endorsed online audience measurement solution, is built for the needs of the industry and will allow you to grow and retain your audiences, develop relevant and engaging content, develop partnerships and monetisation strategies, and streamline and expand your business opportunities.


About Ipsos

We measure audiences of media content across more than 70 countries, Ipsos is at the forefront of the latest techniques and methodologies required to measure more platforms, more quickly, and more accurately, both now and in the future.

In the UK, we have developed the world’s first large-scale, single-source, multi-platform, passive measurement panel – BBC Compass – and work across the industry with partners such as BARB, IPA Touchpoints, PAMCo, RAJAR, and Route.


About UKOM

UK Online Measurement (UKOM) defines and governs the industry standard for UK online audience measurement across PC, tablet and smartphone.

After an industry consultation in 2018 and a tender process in 2019, UKOM appointed Ipsos as its research partner from 2021. The mission is to build a solution that can keep up with changing consumer media consumption on every device, service and platform.


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