We are delighted to announce the newest innovation for our online audience measurement platform, Ipsos iris, incorporating YouTube content owner data.

The marks a milestone for collaboration in how digital media is measured and understood, unlocking more accurate data, insightful analysis, and
the ability to shape content strategy.

“We are thrilled to bring YouTube’s rich data into Ipsos iris,” said James Oates, Head of Ipsos iris. “The inclusion of video views and watch time across content owners not only enhances the robustness of our platform but also provides our subscribers with a holistic view of media consumption. This integration asserts our commitment to delivering market-leading measurement solutions.”

Biren Kalaria, Managing Director at Google UK, added: “Innovation in measurement is critical to the continued success of our industry and Google will continue to invest in transparent, fair, consistent and privacy centric solutions.

Many thanks to Ian Dowds and his team at UKOM, as well as everyone at Google and YouTube who made this happen.

This new data shows that whilst 15-24 year olds accounted for 16% of people watching videos on YouTube in March 2024, they accounted for 32% of all time spent viewing video content.

This new data gives Ipsos iris subscribers a rich understanding of who is watching what on YouTube, and what else they are doing online. Check back regularly for more exciting insights from Ipsos iris.

Read the full press release here.