This IWD, we’ve used Ipsos iris to look at the difference between the time spent by men and women visiting careers sites and apps online.

When we compare men and women, we can see that between the ages of 18 and 34, women spend more time on the careers category than men. However, among career visitors aged 35 and over, men spend considerably more time per person on the category.

An even more interesting pattern emerges when we look at how this difference is affected by parenthood. For male parents with children aged 14 or under in the household, fatherhood appears to have little impact on their time on careers sites and apps – outside of the youngest age bracket. However, for female parents, there is a noticeable gap in time spent for three out of five age groups. The biggest disparity can be seen for women aged 25-34, with female parents seeing a 42% drop in time spent per person per month.