We’ve used the Ipsos iris tool to analyse the Fashion, Style and Beauty retail category online: looking at what content is being consumed, who the audience is, and highlighting some key trends for Spring / Summer 2022.

Iris data shoaws there was an audience of 35m for Fashion, Style & Beauty retail sites in May 2022, representing 70% of the UK’s 50m online population. Among this group, 33m people were reached by Fashion & Style, while the Beauty sector attracted an audience of 11m shoppers.

On the high street, the biggest winner was Boots, which captured 26% of the UK’s online population, followed by fashion retailer Next which drove 16% of the internet audience, or 8m people, to their content. Among online-only players, Asos and Shein were the biggest names, with both reaching audiences of 7m in May 2022. Fast risers in this category include OK!’s new Beauty Box brand, which has quickly cemented itself as a rising star.

Interestingly, while second-hand marketplace Vinted saw a 20% traffic increase in between March and May 2022 (to 5.1m visitors), their main competitor Depop performed less well, dropping 20% themselves to 2.6m visitors and widening the gap between the two brands.

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Ipsos iris data shows that 60% of visitors to Fashion, Style and Beauty content are female, with most (18m) using their phone to browse through content. Phones are clearly important to this industry, with the average time spent browsing at 88 minutes compared to 76 minutes using a desktop or laptop. However, men browsing fashion content on their smartphone spend on average only 17 minutes, although this did rise to 34 minutes on a computer. This means that, on the phone, women spend nearly five times as long on fashion sites.