Ipsos iris now allows analysis by top 100 cities and towns

Helping you to better understand local audiences, the release of the UK’s top 100 cities and towns, by population size, is the latest development to our Ipsos iris solution*. This additional demographic variable provides you with a more granular geographic understanding of online behaviour. From nations to regions to cities and towns – Ipsos iris has you covered.

Being able to look more granularly by location into the data can be an effective tool in understanding and catering to the needs of your target audience, as well as understanding your competitors. Below we unpack some of the benefits of this new data as a suggestion for how to make the most out of this new functionality.

Benefits of using the location data for online publishers:

  • Competitor analysis: identify opportunities to take market share and launch new products using local market intelligence to understand your strengths and weaknesses, identify competitors, new entrants and gaps
  • Hyper-relevant: Understand local audiences to help deliver more personalised and relevant content to build engagement, allowing you to retain and grow audiences
  • Grow and partner: Consider which local brands best compliment and align with your strategic objectives so you can partner with, or acquire, to grow your portfolio
  • Local targeting: Demonstrate the relevance of local brands and how, whether combined or individually, they can help advertisers reach the right audience
  • Launch local products: Thorough understanding of local audiences and their preferences, means you can be one step ahead of the competition when launching new products
  • Capitalise on macro and micro effects: With many working from home and increased focus on supporting local businesses, capitalise on seasonal and localised promotions within specific cities by understanding your audiences better
  • Myth-busting: Use lifestyle statements to validate whether assumptions based within particular areas are true or false? Use this nuanced understanding to curate your content.

Reach out to support@ipsosiris.com if you have any questions about this latest development to ensure you’re getting the most from the Ipsos iris dataset.

*City and town level data is made available as part of the October 2021 monthly dataset.