The rapid growth of ChatGPT’s audience has subsided…

Ipsos iris data shows that between December 2022 and the end of March 2023, the average daily users for ChatGPT more than quadrupled. Since April however, the audience has plateaued.
Using Ipsos iris’s profiling data, we can see that the site is performing particularly well with under 35s: 68% of the audience for ChatGPT was aged 15-34, compared to just 32% of all internet users. Older audiences are much less likely to be trying out the new technology.
Attitudinally speaking, trying new things appeals to ChatGPT visitors – they are more likely to agree that they go to trendy places to eat and drink and that they keep up with the latest fashions and trends – but what really marks them out is being career driven.
People who visited ChatGPT in June 2023 were 55% more likely to agree they want to get to the very top in their career and 53% more likely to agree money is the best measure of success. 
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