Working together with CACI (the provider for consumer segmentation), Ipsos has integrated Acorn and Fresco segments into the Ipsos iris dataset.

Acorn is a consumer classification that segments the UK population based on demographic data, social factors, population, and consumer behaviour. While Fresco has a financial focus, creating segments based on an individual’s life stage, affluence, product holdings, channel usage, and attitude to money.

The integration of Acorn and Fresco into Ipsos iris, the UKOM endorsed solution for UK online audience measurement, provides enhanced market understanding and more effective profiling and targeting capabilities.

Specific benefits include:

  • The ability to segment online audiences using Acorn and Fresco to better understand who your customers and prospects are, helping you to build loyalty and grow
  • An increased understanding of the online behaviour of Acorn and Fresco segments, enabling you to more effectively reach and communicate with this audience and spend ad budgets
  • Better online market sizing to help identify growth opportunities
  • More efficient geo-location targeting when combining regional level data with Acorn and Fresco segments, to reach specific audiences or deliver more relevant content
  • An increased understanding of online preferences, helping you to improve and develop new propositions.

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