The latest survey data from PAMCo (for Great Britain) and RAJAR (for Northern Ireland) has been used to update our Ipsos iris Establishment Survey and updated universe estimates in January 2022.

The pandemic has led to a considerable change in the number and profile of internet users in the UK. It is important therefore that we have up-to-date survey data collected to inform our audience profiles. These estimates come from interviews collected on both surveys since March 2021. This shows small changes in the overall internet audience from our last major update in June 2021 but some fluctuations in demographic profile – particularly on internet device type used and social grade. The larger sample available now provides more consistent universe estimates.

The 10,000+ all-device passive panel that underpins the Ipsos iris research delivery is weighted to these estimates.

The next universe update will be to April 2022 monthly Ipsos iris data.

View the infographic which describes the Ipsos iris universe profile.

Ipsos iris universe estimates January 2022
Source: GB = PAMCo Q1-Q3 2021, NI = RAJAR Q2-Q3 2021, sample size = 18,543