Published 5th July 2023

Twitter’s decision to apply a temporary limit to the number of tweets users can read in a day has had a big impact on time spent on the site.

Ipsos iris data shows a 16% fall in total time spent on the Twitter app on Saturday 1st July – when the limit was first introduced – compared to the previous week. Total time spent was still down by 12% week-on-week on Sunday, despite the limits being relaxed.

While some disgruntled users said they would be moving to alternative app Mastodon, our UKOM endorsed data shows that there were only 25k users on Saturday – below the 8.2 million people who were using Twitter’s app or website.

However, with Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta releasing its own Twitter rival, Threads, on Thursday, Ipsos iris users will be able to see if more Twitter users can be tempted away from the nest.