Generative AI is a growth area across the country, but did you know how many people are accessing OpenAI’s ChatGPT monthly?

Today, our CEO Kelly Beaver MBE presented at Department for Culture, Media and Sport, showcasing the breadth of data offered by Ipsos.

We’ve utilised Ipsos iris, the only UK online measurement currency endorsed by UKOM, to look at audiences visiting OpenAI over the last year. While total monthly users dipped last summer, they have since risen to a new peak of 4.6m in February 2024, with the largest number of OpenAI users being aged 15-24.

It was among 35-44 year-olds, however, that OpenAI saw the biggest percentage rise in monthly users year-on-year, with an increase of 127%.

When we look by region, OpenAI’s reach is greatest in London, where 16% of all internet users accessed its site or app in February, compared to a reach of 9% across the UK. Among London-based internet users aged 15-24, OpenAI’s reach rises to an impressive 45%.

Ipsos iris is the only way to access transparent, actionable, industry endorsed data on online audiences in the UK.

The largest number of OpenAI users are 15-24; but 35-44s saw the biggest percentage rise year-on-year
Reach of OpenAI is much higher amongst people aged 15-24
OpenAI has the greatest reach among students
OpenAI has by far the biggest reach in London
Nearly half of all 15-24 year-old Londoners used OpenAI in February