Ipsos and the online audience measurement body UKOM (UK Online Measurement Ltd.) announce the launch of Ipsos iris, the new UK industry standard for online audience measurement.

The launch is the culmination of several years of consultation, design and implementation. Ipsos iris has been custom-built by Ipsos to serve the evolving needs of the industry.

It means that:

  • UKOM endorsed data will recognise the primacy of mobile devices for accessing internet content.
  • Ipsos iris’ 10,000-person, single-source panel captures behaviour passively across all devices (computer, smartphone, and tablet) and from the same group of people, enabling direct observation and understanding of online behaviour rather than relying on complex models to measure duplication.
  • For the first time UKOM data will cover day of week and time of day over a broader range of audience segmentation, beyond simple demographics, providing a substantial increase in the granularity, frequency and speed to market of online audience data.
  • The release of daily data will commence from 18 January, with monthly data available from the end of February.
  • Ipsos iris, as the UKOM endorsed solution, will also be used for digital data in PAMCo to provide a complete view of newsbrand and magazine publisher audiences.

Ipsos is recognised as a leader in providing advanced market research expertise across the media industry. It has developed and delivered the survey methodology that produces key audience metrics on PAMCo, RAJAR, Route, IPA TouchPoints and the BARB Establishment Survey. Ipsos also run Compass for the BBC, focussing on understanding audience behaviour across all BBC platforms (including TV, radio and online). BBC Compass provides the foundation for the new services’ single-source panel.

“The need for robust online audience measurement standards is a consistent theme in media and marketing. The launch of Ipsos iris marks a significant progression in the UKOM story and the interoperability of its single-source data provides an opportunity for any industry initiatives around cross media measurement. Ipsos has proved itself to be the most resilient and ambitious of partners throughout the pandemic and we look forward to the release to subscribers of daily data in mid-January.”

Ian Dowds, UKOM CEO

“Ipsos iris has been created to reflect the changing needs of the media industry, and is a testament to the industry-wide collaboration behind its design. We are excited to bring a modern solution based on the needs of the market which will provide true flexibility and access. We are looking forward to globally expanding Ipsos iris, bringing it to other markets.”

Liz Landy, Global Head of Audience Measurement at Ipsos

“With its single-source panel of 10,000 people and 25,000 devices, Ipsos iris is a great step forward in online audience measurement for UKOM.”

Steve Chester, Director of Media, ISBA

“The UK is one of the world’s most advanced digital advertising markets – so naturally we applaud UKOM’s decision to stay at the cutting edge where innovation in audience measurement is concerned – in particular, the ability of Ipsos iris to measure ad campaigns from 2021.”

Jon Mew, CEO, IAB (UK)