Amanda Wigginton of PPA shares how magazine publishers are utilising Ipsos iris to drive business strategy, audience engagement and content development at the recent Driving Digital Growth event.

Amanda represents magazine publishers through her role with the PPA and ensures they get what they need from tools like Ipsos iris to maximise their revenue opportunities.

She highlighted the range of PPA members which are already using the Ipsos iris platform to help the development and creation of trusted content for specialist communities. These publishers are delivering strong content, providing insights and outcomes to advertisers, and engaging audiences with the support of Ipsos iris.

Amanda discussed how the platform can add value to content strategies and development, audience understanding, performance measurement, and business strategy: she provided examples of pinpointing key consumer and content trends and finding content gaps to engage audiences.

A highlight was the breakdown of the connection between the December festive period and the food sector, where Amanda used Ipsos iris to track the consumption of online food and drink media, down to the time of day.

Watch Amanda’s full presentation below to understand how publishers can acheive their strategic business goals by using Ipsos iris.