Dave Carpenter of Goodstuff Communications reveals how the Ipsos iris platform is helping to elevate digital implementation planning and delivering value to clients.

Ipsos iris recently hosted the Driving Digital Growth event, where we invited Dave Carpenter to discuss how Goodstuff Communications has been using the Ipsos iris platform to deliver value to their clients.

Dave explained that he worries the industry is losing the craft of digital implementation planning. However, Goodstuff uses the data from Ipsos iris to help build a solid foundation to gain crucial insights and understandings. He adds that while the industry has access to more data than ever before, many agencies struggle to have confidence with this data, to make it accessible, or to simplify this data to offer a competitive edge.

Goodstuff uses the Ipsos iris data to provide a true overview of their clients’ consumer journey and to bridge gaps between the Goodstuff team, good ideas, and results.

Watch Dave’s full presentation below to see how Goodstuff are delivering value for their clients with the support of Ipsos iris.