Our lives revolve around the internet and understanding an audience’s digital behaviour is key to making smarter marketing decisions. But, given how vast and complex it is, how can we understand what audiences are doing online? 

Watch the recording of this Ipsos iris and UKOM event to hear case studies from media owners and agencies on how Ipsos iris data is helping drive strategic decisions that underpin growth and ROI.

On the agenda:

  • Ian Dowds, UKOM, on the value of an industry standard that is trustworthy, transparent and future-ready
  • Samantha Eales, Mail Metro Media, shares how Ipsos iris data informs strategy and audience segments
  • Dave Carpenter, Goodstuff Communications, on how granular online behaviour data improves media planning
  • Amanda Wigginton, consultant for PPA, shares her experiences of how Ipsos iris data is used by magazine media to provide audience insight and inform digital strategy.

If you would like to know more about Ipsos iris, contact us at: support@ipsosiris.com